3 Methods To Emotionally Make It Through Family Vacations

(CNN) – It always ends terribly, my client informs me as she recalls previous family vacations. Twenty-plus years of therapy and self-improvement up in smoke in less than 20 minutes. Every year I promise myself that next year I wont go, however I always let myself get guilted into it once again.

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Fit For Life: Living On Easy Street?

Im too tired, I don’t have time, I do not such asprefer to work out, Im too busy, I have children, I understand I needhave to however … Excuses! These are some of the excuses individuals provide for their excessive weight or inadequate health, for not working out, and absence of motivation and discipline it […]


Parenting Without Any Regrets: A Hawaiian Night Reminiscing

Just prior to I went to sleep last night, my oldest son went out to obtain a book he had left in the automobile. He came in and said, Hey Mother, you can actually hear the waves out there. Wanna come out and hear them Exactly what I virtually said: No. Ive heard them like […]


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10 Ways Twitter Is Like Parenting A Young Child

Is it possible to sleep train Twitter? Would you need to go in every ten minutes or so to settle it back down? Or could you– if you were tired, state, actually fried– put it in a dark room, safely consisted of, close the door, and leave it to its own gadgets for the night, […]