Crowdfunding Medical MDMA And Magic Mushrooms

An activist couple (shes a neurscientist, hes a psychologist who effectively treated his depression with psychedelics) (they fight criminal activity!) are raising $1M on Indiegogo to fund production of medical-grade MDMA and psilocybin. Backers who live in nations where medical trials on psychedelics are underway will get rewards in the formthrough pharma-grade psychedelics, if they […]

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‘No Such Thing As An Intact Home For A Youngster With Same-Sex Parents,’ Says …

Free Sign Up CP Newsletter! Related March for Marital relationship Aims to Rally Support for Marriage Ahead of Supreme Court Arguments Christian Leaders Affirm Support for Standard Marital relationship Ahead of Supreme Court Case; Pastors State Marriage Must Be Preserved for Sake of Kid Sociologists Mislead Supreme Court, Put Politics Ahead of Science on Same-Sex […]


Self Improvement: The History Of Toy Trains

Are you among our regular students for Self-Improvement Wednesday? Each week, you get to discover something brand-new – thats our self enhancement pledge.


Wiltshire Business Awards 2014: Small BusinessSmall Company Of The Year Winner White Horse …

It provides a full employment and recruitment option for jobseekers and hirers, from SMEs to multi nationals, serving customers throughout Wiltshire, Somerset and beyond. The judges for the award, which was sponsored by Forward Swindon, said: After victorying this award in 2014, Beverley has actually gone on to employ a business coach to enhance additionally […]